Wireless Temperature Recorders Send Data Online at a Low Cost

Lascar has announced its new WiFi Thermocouple Temperature Data Loggers. These Lascar El-WiFi-TC data loggers are wireless temperature recorders that “send all their data over the WiFi network to a PC without anyone having to travel to collect their readings.” The data loggers collect data automatically and it can be viewed on many applications such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

These data loggers are affordable for businesses and organizations because of its free cloud storage service. They are ideal for monitoring temperatures in applications such as “cold chain validation, medical monitoring for refrigerators and freezers, HVAC system verification and more.”

The loggers operate on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and can be charged with a USB wall adapter or a PC. The data loggers also include a “K-type Thermocouple probe with a 0°C to 400°C measurement range and ±1.5°C accuracy.” They also support connections with Thermocouple types types J,K,N,and T.

“Just place the probe and the logger will continually monitor the temperature of the probe’s environment. This ensures accurate readings by isolating the datalogger itself from the temperature being measured. The logger’s integrated display shows its current readings, and users can choose to log in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Users can also configure high and low temperature alarms which are given their own indicator on the display,” according to the company.


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