Wind Turbines Using Emissions Testing to Better Monitor Problems

(November 3, 2016) The EU-funded project, TowerPower, has been looking at ways to evaluate defects in offshore wind turbine structures.

Two ultrasound-based techniques that were tested were “acoustic emission and guided wave testing,” according to OwjOnline.com, “Both forms of non-destructive testing that are already widely used in other fields”, such as EMC.

These tests “enabled researchers to evaluate the condition of large areas and volumes of material and detect the precise location of any defect.”

OwjOnline reported, “Relying on a network of sensors, amplifying electronics and advanced signal processing algorithms, the participants in the TowerPower project are developing ways to determine the normal behavioural ‘signature’ of the structure and detect any deviation from this signature. The project is also making use of real-time wireless connectivity to enable the condition of structures to be monitored on land, saving time and money.”

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