Virtual Vehicle Simulation Now Incorporates CAE Models

Brüel & Kjær’s Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) can now directly incorporate large CAE component design models, which can be driven by anyone in seconds.

According the the company, the CAE Auditioner “automatically converts standard CAE response data from all common CAE codes into ready-to-run NVH simulator models. […] it recognises the file types and knows how to read them. […]Engineers can also blend CAE models with real-world test data.”

“During the development process, engineers can also deconstruct the noise and vibration experienced in an existing vehicle, to detect and quantify the sources of very specific sound features, such as boom or rumble,” explains the company, “The software package that performs this – source path contribution (SPC) – can also isolate the paths the sound energy takes through the vehicle and the air to get to the observer, quantifying the sensitivity of these paths as ‘transfer functions’.”

The realistic driving simulator is intended to help discover component design errors.


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