Vibration Table Top System Offers Larger Table Area, Combined Testing Inside Thermal Chamber

Qualmark Corporation, a developer of HALT/HASS accelerated reliability testing products and services, has released the OmniAxial vibration table top (OVTT) 24 system for shock and vibration testing. The new vibration table top system is ideal for in-line process testing of products, fast evaluation of field returns and easy repair verification.

According to Qualmark, the new OVTT 24 system offers a 77 percent larger table area than that of the original OVTT, now renamed the OVTT 18. The OVTT can also be configured for combined testing inside a thermal chamber with temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C.

“Qualmark continues to pioneer new accelerated reliability testing technologies to provide effective tools for increasing the reliability of modern electronics. Andy Drenick, CEO and president of Qualmark, said. “Qualmark’s mission is to provide innovative solutions, such as our QFusion system introduced last year, that help the world make better products.”

For more information, visit Qualmark Corporation.


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