The Importance of Adhesive Environmental Testing in Automobiles

(July 7, 2016) Car sensors play an essential role in automobile performance today, and need strong adhesives to steady their components. Undergoing salt, temperature, and other environmental tests is a necessity to ensure safety.

According to ECNMag.com self-parking sensor adhesives undergo salt spray tests to “determine which products are suitable and which are non-suitable,” as well as temperature change. Pressure monitoring sensors are required by law, and must pass vibration and drop tests. Hall sensors, connected to the wheels, must survive all tests stated, as well as reflow tests “according to the semiconductor standardization body (JEDEC).”

“In order to protect sensors, extremely reliable epoxy resins are used that pass all the typical automotive tests,” said ECNMag.com, “resistant to oil, gas, and braking fluid and can survive in a temperature range of -40 °C to +155 °C.”

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