The Environmental ‘Desert Wind’ Testing Machine for the U.S. Army

(August 25, 2016) Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp. has recently showed off it’s 50,000-pound Desert Wind sand and dust environmental simulators for U.S. Army testing.

These simulators are “used by the military and aircraft manufacturers to test the effects of desert conditions on everything from electronics to helmets, guns, missiles and jet engines,” reported the Central Penn Business Journal.

They “blast the hardware with intense doses of gritty dust, in temperatures of up to 160 degrees. Components from 16 manufacturers go into fabricating the custom simulators, which are assembled by a team of five.”

According to the CPBJ, “the latest Desert Wind simulator soon will be shipped to the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, a U.S. Army testing center for defense against chemical and biological weapons. The York-built machine will aid Army technicians in evaluating how intense desert conditions affect equipment, munitions and weapons.”

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