Test & Measurement Microphone Ideal for use in Harsh Environments

PCB Piezotronics, Inc. introduces a water and dust resistant test and measurement microphone, model 130A24. Model 130A24 is a 1/2″ (12mm) microphone and preamplifier system that is ideal for use in applications where moisture, contamination and oil splashes are a concern. The free-field and prepolarized system is ideal for use in harsh applications and environments.

Other common applications include environmental noise, leak detection, acoustics tests, industrial machinery noise, brake and tire noise, and more. “The phase characteristics of this microphone are tailored for noise source location applications such as holography, beamforming, acoustic cameras and sound pressure mapping,” according to the company.

The microphone offers many features including a replaceable water and dust resistant cover, a rugged stainless steel grid cap and a wide dynamic range of noise level from 30 dBA to 150 dB.

“The 130A24 has a wide dynamic range, from 30 dBA (inherent noise level) to 150 dB. Although the 130A24 is optimized for flat response in a free-field, it also provides excellent response in pressure and diffuse field microphone applications,” PCB Piezotronics said.


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