Test Aircraft Complete Flutter and Climactic Testing, Undergo Design

Gulfstream Aerospace’s Gulfstream G500 test aircraft prototypes, T1, T2, and T3, have completed their respective initial testing and are about to undergo additional testing in order to achieve certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency in 2017.

T1 completed flutter testing in more than 50 flights, recording 320 flight hours, a maximum speed of Mach 0.999, and maximum altitude of 53,000ft, according to Aerospace-Technology.com.

T2 “finished climatic chamber testing at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory in Eglin Air Force Base, Florida” enduring “hot temperatures of 55°C for three days and -40°C of cold temperatures for two days,” reported Aerospace-Technology.

T3 completed its initial flight test and is the “primary test bed for the new symmetry flight deck, which will innovate cockpit design, integration, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics,” said Aerospace-Technology, “The aircraft will also calculate ice-protection system performance, landing gear and nose wheel steering operation, environmental control system performance, as well as the cabin pressure control system and community noise testing.”

Aerospace-Technology reported that test aircraft T1 will also test “envelope expansion, air data system testing, aero performance, brakes and field performance, handling qualities and flight controls.”

According to Aerospace-Technology, “Gulfstream plans to include two more aircraft, T4 and P1, in the G500 flight-test programme.”


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