Random Incidence Microphone Ideal for Minimizing Noise

PCB Piezotronics, Inc. introduces a new microphone that measures the entire human audible range and beyond. Model 377A21 is a new ½” (6mm) random incidence microphone that offers high frequency and minimizes overloading.

“It provides accurate response in diffuse field applications where high frequencies, above the human audible range, need to be measured precisely. In a diffuse field, multiple sound pressure waves arrive from various directions simultaneously, from different sources and reflections. The random incidence microphone averages this acoustic input to give an accurate measurement,” according to the company.

Besides minimizing noise levels, the microphone is also ideal for environmental monitoring, room acoustics, reverberation room testing and high pressure and high frequency diffuse field analysis.

“The 377A21 frequency range, 3 Hz to 25 kHz, not only exceeds the audible range it also avoids overload that can be experienced when a standard high sensitivity (50 mV/Pa) microphones measure pressure over 136 dB. The 377A21 measures up to 160 dB (147 dB with a standard preamplifier) in a ½” package, while maintaining a 19 dBA noise floor. This microphone is a cost effective alternative to a ¼” microphone and preamplifier combination and has a much lower inherent noise,” according to the company.


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