Process Management for Avionics – Electronic Components Capability in Operation – Part 1: Temperature Uprating

From the International Electrotechnical Commission webstore:

IEC/TR 62240-1:2013(E) provides information for the use of semiconductor devices in wider temperature ranges than those specified by the device manufacturer. The uprating solutions described herein are considered exceptions, when no reasonable alternatives are available; otherwise, devices are utilized within the manufacturers’ specifications.

This technical report describes the methods and processes for implementing this special case. All of the elements of these methods and processes employ existing, commonly used best engineering practices.

IEC/TR 62240-1 includes the following significant changes with respect to IEC/TR 62240:

  • revised wording, clarifications and corrections;
  • removal of all requirements;
  • updated paragraphs, including addition of references to the utilization of samples from a single lot, and the fact that performance of uprating is repeated if significant changes are implemented by device manufacturer, as well as the reference that the manufacturer’s warranty may be eliminated if uprating is performed.”

Process management for avionics – Electronic components capability in operation – Part 1: Temperature uprating


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