Possibility of No Headphone Jack in Waterproof iPhone7

Recently Fast Company has published a report that says Apple’s next smartphone is going to be waterproof and without an audio jack.

To help achieve the waterproof functionality Fast Company’s source confirms that “the new phone will rely on its Lightning cable port for sound output to wired headphones” – the same port that has been “used for power and data transfer in recent iPhones.”

“Apple is working with its longtime audio chip partner Cirrus Logic to adapt the audio chipset in the iPhone to work with the Lightning port,” reports Fast Company.

Without a headphone jack the phone could be considerably thinner. It would also create a possible need for wireless headphones.  Fast Company’s source says it’s most likely that Apple will sell separate noise-cancelling, wireless headphones under its Beat brand, or include a 3.5mm headphone adapter with the phone.

In addition, “the audio system will also leverage a new noise-canceling technology from Wolfson Microelectronics [to] help remove background noise in music playback and in phone calls,” according to Fast Company.

It is also a possibility that Apple may implement wireless charging.


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