Portable Shaker System for HALT/HASS

RSL-16 Portable Shaker and Test Chamber (Image: Thermotron)

Environmental test equipment supplier Thermotron Industries has released the RSL-16 shaker, a portable system for HALT/HASS testing that can be integrated into a new or existing Thermotron environmental test chamber.

Measuring 16 x 16 inches and weighing 150 lbs, the RSL-16 shaker enables temperature, humidity and repetitive shock vibration testing over a temperature range of -70°C to +180°C. The shaker is capable of acceleration levels up to 60 Grms and 10,000 Hz and is removable, allowing the environmental test chamber to be used on its own.

“It takes two people less than three minutes to set [it] up and less than two-and-a-half [minutes] to disassemble it,” David Kujawski, Thermotron’s marketing manager, said. “The shaker was built for use in a chamber and designed for full air movement around the product attached to it.”

Users can program and control temperature, humidity and vibration profiles on a single screen using Thermotron’s Windows-based 8800 programmer controller.

“What’s beneficial about this integrated system is that all parts—chamber shaker and controller—are manufactured by Thermotron,” Kujawski said. “This is a cost-effective option for introducing and performing HALT and HASS.”


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