New Patent-pending Testing Solution Introduced

Vibration Research recently launched its patent-pending vibration test module, the iDOF™ – “instant degrees of freedom.”

iDOF™ was developed to “solve the problem of over and under vibration testing of high value products, such as those manufactured in the aerospace and aviation industries.  When these products fail to perform in real life – often due to improper vibration testing – the consequences can border on catastrophic.  iDOF™ empowers users to run highly accurate vibration tests in a condensed period of time,” according to Vibration Research.

“iDOF™ gives vibration test technicians and lab managers the perfect world scenario: rapid smooth lines except when real-life resonances dictate they should be out of tolerance and the tests need to be aborted before products are damaged,” John Van Baren, Vibration Research CEO and president, said.


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