New Adhesive Vents Extends Lifespan of Outdoor Electronic Enclosures

W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded its line of GORE Protective Vents with the addition of a new product specifically engineered to increase the reliability of outdoor electronic enclosures exposed to changing weather and environmental conditions.

According to Gore, “the new series VE9 adhesive vent enables outdoor electronic enclosures to be designed with normal seals and gaskets, [with no] need to upgrade to more costly ruggedized seals and gaskets.” Use of the VE9 adhesive vent, the company says, can lead to cost savings and longer product life for manufacturers of outdoor electronic enclosures used in the solar, telecommunications, exterior lighting and smart meter industries.

The new series VE9 adhesive vent features a durable adhesive and all ePTFE construction that allows the vent to be mounted on either the interior or exterior of the housing, depending on protection rating needs. With a typical airflow of 1150 ml/min/ cm2, the vent allows for fast equalization of pressure caused by sudden temperature changes, while still meeting industry standards. In addition to high airflow, the series VE9 adhesive vent is durable enough to withstand water, dust, dirt, rain and other harmful liquids that can negatively affect non-vented outdoor enclosures.


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