New 4G Technology Increases Internet Speed and Communication on Ships

The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) presents a new technology known as [email protected], which brings instant communication and a fast internet speed of 100 Mb/s to maritime users.

[email protected] allows maritime vessel owners to provide wireless access to everyone on board and maintain optimal communication regardless of humidity, sea salt and spray, rolling and pitching motion, and vessel type,” according to MVG. A two antenna transmitter-receiver allows the terminals to connect to 4G networks where 4G is generally not available.

The [email protected] can withstand harsh marine environments, high winds, corrosion, and unstable ocean conditions because of its reinforced mechanics. In addition, it is suitable for use on ships and vessels in coastal areas because it has a 20 mile radius and it is cost effective. Unlike standard installation costs of €15,000, the [email protected] system only costs under €1,000 to install.


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