Navy’s fourth MUOS Satellite Completes Thermal Vacuum Testing

Lockheed Martin has successfully completed environmental testing on the Navy’s fourth mobile-user objective system (MUOS) satellite, including thermal vacuum testing. These satellites are being developed by the department of defense to provide global satellite communications.

During testing in Sunnyvale, California the satellite was exposed to harsh temperatures, both hot and cold, in a thermal altitude chamber. This testing assures the satellite can tolerate harsh temperatures it will most likely experience during its on-orbit mission life.

“Operating as a smartphone cell tower in the sky, the latest satellite will provide MUOS Wideband Code Division Multiple Access technology users with the ability to broadcast and receive voice and data through an internet protocol-based system,” according to researchers.

The MUOS-1 and MUOS-2 were launched in 2012 and 2013, the MUOS-3 is set to launch January 2015 and the MUOS-4 will launch sometime in the summer of 2015. “After its launch next year, the MUOS-4 satellite will complete the operational constellation and deliver mobile soldiers with global network coverage,” according to researchers.


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