NASA Tests JWST’s New Mirror Segment for Space

(November 3, 2016) NASA’s JWST is getting tested to see if all tested components hold up together during launch and while in the harsh environment of space. This time, it’s the recently-finished mirror segment’s turn.

NASA has built the Large Vibration Test System especially for the mirror segment for vibration testing, with “forces [that] will exceed 10 times gravity’s pull,” according to Business Insider. It will also be tested in the Acoustic Test Chamber, which is “42 feet tall and has 6-foot-wide speaker horns that will blast out 150 decibels of sound for 2 minutes at a time.” If it passes these tests, it will then sit in a giant cryogenic vacuum chamber for 90 days to simulate “what it’s like for the mirror to sit completely in the dark of its sunshield some 930,000 miles away from Earth.”

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