Nanocoating Solution to Waterproof Electronic Devices

Europlasma has recently launched its “next generation of plasma coating solutions for the electronic industry” under their Nanofics® 120 S brand name.

Nanofics® is Europlasma’s “patented and patent pending plasma coating technology platform” and “Europlasma scientists and engineers have now developed and patented a new ultra-thin coating system which allows electronics to survive full water submersion while powered on. Devices with their internal electronics protected by Nanofics® 120 S now can reach IPX7 or higher,” according to the company.

“The Nanofics® 120 can be applied on component level, PCB or even the whole device, and is typically used to reach water ingress protection levels up to IPX4, and salt mist corrosion protection for at least 48 hours,” according to the company.

“Ultra-thin Nanofics® 120 S performs more than 10.000 times better than traditional Nanofics 120® during water submersion,” said Europlasma’s CTO Eva Rogge, “The Nanofics® 120 S performs even better than parylene […] the 120 S coatings have much lower wettability, and the 120 S coatings will not easily crack because they are flexible, and they adhere well to different substrates.”

“With Nanofics® 120 and Nanofics® 120 S we are now able to offer our clients plasma coating technology for any level of protection, from improving resistance to high humidity and corrosive environments, to making devices fully waterproof,” stated Europlasma’s CEO Filip Legein.

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