Looking to Simulation Testing to Save Product Costs

(August 9, 2016) The recent trend in product testing is that it’s too costly and too time consuming and yet devices are expected to perform in harsher environments more and more quickly.

According to Greg Fallon, Vice President of Simulation, Autodesk Product Development, “The methods of trial and error, physical prototyping, and commissioning are often too slow, too costly, and incapable of keeping pace with the opportunities and risks that some of these larger macro trends present. […] Simulation capabilities will play an essential role in helping companies successfully navigate these risks and secure additional market value.”

But thankfully simulation is keeping up. In the past, “analyses included many assumptions and simplifications,” reported Manufacturing.net, but “today many customers are modeling not only the product, but also the surrounding environment so that minimal assumptions are required.”

“Perhaps of more impact is that computer-aided engineering (CAE) goes well beyond simulating the effects of environmental conditions: it provides the ability to describe and predict the influences of components and systems to each other,” Manufacturing.net stated.

Manufacturing.net also included that some companies are “making it possible to do powerful engineering simulations via a standard web browser. All users need is an Internet connection to test and validate the performance of their product designs.”

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