LM-80-Qualified LED Reliability Test Systems

EJ Thermal Technology, Inc., a supplier of high performance reliability test systems, has introduced a line of three new LM-80-qualified LED reliability test systems. Created for use by LED manufacturing and packaging companies, the HydroTower, Hydropac II and Hydropac IV systems are designed to improve testing performance, flexibility, and temperature accuracy.

The HydroTower is a self-contained pentagon-shaped system with up to four independent precision-controlled thermal platforms designed to elevate and control the temperatures of LEDs for reliability testing. The independent temperature control of each thermal platform allows the system to be used for up to four separate purposes simultaneously, such as burn-in, reliability testing, or engineering product development. With its modular design, the system enables precise temperature accuracy of +/- 2 °C at a temperature range of 55-105°C.

The HydroPac II-LM80 and HydroPac IV-LM80 are two bench-top versions of the same system. The HydroPac II offers one thermal platform with two test positions and can accommodate power loads up to 3,000 W with a temperature range of 35-85°C (optional 105°C). HydroPac IV offers two independently-controlled thermal control zones and up to four test positions, and can handle power loads to 6,000 Watts at 35-85°C (optional 105°C).


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