Light-Curable Conformal Coatings Protect Automotive Electronics

Light-curable conformal coatings have been developed to defend circuit boards in vehicles against such things as internal heat fluctuations, vibration, salt, and dust, while simultaneously optimizing space and decreasing weight. This becomes increasingly important as car sales increase and vehicles become more electronically equipped.

Conformal Coatings can be brushed on, flow coated, or sprayed on to the circuit boards. The coatings generally vary between .002 to .005 inches. The materials used for light-curing conformal coatings are single compounds that are non-hazardous. In addition, the shipping costs are less expensive and the light-curing equipment typically uses less manufacturing floor space than other electronics protection methods. Light-curing conformal coatings also allow electronics to have a longer lifespan and enhanced performance.


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