Juno Undergoes Harsh Environment and Radiative Testing

(June 27, 2016) Juno wouldn’t have made it into Jupiter’s orbit on the Fourth of July without Lockheed Martin’s group of scientists designing electronics to withstand radiation.

According to TheAtlantic, the testing was “a process that combined computer modeling, lab work, and environmental simulations featuring extreme cold and heavy doses of radiation.”

“They put all the electronics inside a cube that measures 1 meter on all sides—a cube that’s also plated with half-an-inch of titanium,” reported TheAtlantic.com, and protected Juno’s cameras with “conical shields—basically megaphone-shaped devices that extend out from the lens.”

But to prevent “arcs and sparks” from high voltage generated electricity, “Juno’s designers made sure all the metal components were connected in some way, then wrapped in multilayer insulation. Then they covered that insulation with a thin metal layer.”

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