Independent Provider of Environmental Simulation Testing Expands to Colorado

(September 14, 2016) National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) has recently acquired the test equipment assets for an additional facility in Longmont, Colorado.

The new facility, NTS Longmont West, is “located eight miles from the existing NTS Longmont EMC laboratory (formerly EMC Integrity). Combined, these two facilities uniquely fulfill the regions need for a single resource for both environmental/dynamics and EMC/EMI testing,” reported PRWeb.com.

According to the site, “the NTS Longmont West capabilities include independent and combined environments covering testing categories such as thermal cycling and shock, humidity, altitude, overpressure, blowing rain, vibration, shock, HALT, acceleration, and package testing. Combined temperature and humidity capabilities include walk-in and drive-in, man rated chambers allowing the evaluation of larger equipment and systems. Vibration capabilities include high acceleration and displacement electrodynamic as well as servo hydraulic shakers. Also available are a variant of package testing systems including drop shock towers and sled (also capable of evaluating components for aircraft), bounce, transportation vibration, and impact.”

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