IEC/TR 62627-05:2013: Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components – Part 5: Investigation on Impact of Contamination and Scratches on Optical Performance of Single-Mode (SM) and Multi-Mode (MM) Connectors

Abstract: “IEC/TR 62627-05:2013(E) which is a technical report, summarizes the extensive industry research on development of cleanliness specifications for single-mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) connectors.”

The introduction provided by subcommittee 86B: Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components of IEC technical committee 86: Fibre optics reads: “Contaminated optical connectors result in degradation of optical performance, which can be quantified by return loss and attenuation, functional failures and increased deployment costs. Fiber optic connector endface cleaning is recognized as a necessity for optimal signal performance. It is known that contamination impacts signal performance by blocking the core and impeding light transmission, as well as by preventing direct physical contact, creating an air gap between the two connector enfaces. If an air gap exists, optical performance will be impacted due to the change in transmission medium. As contaminated connectors are mated and demated, contamination can be redistributed around the connectors’ endface and block the fiber core. This presents a risk of signal performance degradation during the service life.”


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