Graphene Proves Able to Avoid Corrosion

Untitled-13Experts explain that “the surface of graphene, a one atom thick sheet of carbon, can be randomly decorated with oxygen to create graphene oxide; a form of graphene that could have a significant impact on the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Applied as paint, it could provide an ultra-strong, non-corrosive coating for a wide range of industrial applications.”

A team of researchers including Dr. Rahul Nair and Nobel laureate Sir Andre Geim of the University of Manchester, have discovered covering materials with graphene paint can withstand corrosive acids. Graphene is a very hard-wearing material that can be used to paint glass, bricks and metals in the environment.

“Graphene paint has a good chance to become a truly revolutionary product for industries that deal with any kind of protection either from air, weather elements or corrosive chemicals, Nair said. “Those include, for example, medical, electronics and nuclear industry or even shipbuilding, to name but the few.”

“Graphene paint can be applied to practically any material, independently of whether it’s plastic, metal or even sand. For example, plastic films coated with graphene could be of interest for medical packaging to improve shelf life because they are less permeable to air and water vapour than conventional coatings. In addition, thin layers of graphene paint are optically transparent,” Yang Su said.


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