GOES-S, T, and U Environmental Testing Underway

The remaining NOAA satellites in the GOES-R series, GOES-S, T, and U, will have six new instruments flying aboard come launch according to Phys.org, and environmental testing for them has begun.

“Together, the instruments will offer advanced imaging with increased resolution and faster coverage for more accurate forecasts of environmental phenomena like: severe storms, fog, fire, aerosols and volcanic ash, as well as real-time mapping of lightning activity,” reported Phys.org.

Currently, two of GOES-T’s instruments, SEISS and SUVI, “are undergoing environmental testing to ensure they are prepared to withstand the rigors of launch and operation in the extreme environment of space,” and another instrument, ABI, “has completed environmental testing and will undergo its pre-shipment review in early 2016,” according to Phys.org.

GOES-U’s EXIS instrument “completed thermal vacuum testing to ensure it can withstand the extreme hot and cold temperatures of space, while the GOES-U ABI is currently in thermal vacuum testing,” said Phys.org, “SUVI is preparing for environmental testing and GLM is in the development stage.”

“All GOES-S instruments have been delivered for integration with the satellite and SUVI and EXIS are already installed,” reported Phys.org.  GOES-S also “completed the technical portion of its system integration review”, determining the “flight and ground segment components are ready for integration with the overall GOES system” as well as the “facilities, support personnel, plans and procedures,” according to Phys.org.

October 2016 is the scheduled launch date for GOES-R.

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