Free PDF Download – The Use Of Dynamic Strain Sensors And Measurements On The Ground Vibration Testing Of An F-16 Aircraft

Strain Vibration Testing of F16 AircraftPresented by PCB Piezotronics – Ground Vibration Testing (GVT) of aircraft is a measurement campaign performed in the development process of an aircraft, with the objective of obtaining experimental data of the aircraft to validate and update the structural dynamic models, which can in turn be used to predict important behavior, such as flutter. These measurements are usually carried out using standard accelerometers, which lead to the identification of the displacement mode shapes. However, the use of strain sensors in vibration and modal related applications has recently gained popularity, due to some advantages, such as sensor size and the fact that strain relates directly to stress. On the other hand, interpreting the strain mode shapes can sometimes be more complex, so the use of both strain and acceleration sensors can lead to a more complete and understandable dataset.

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Free PDF Download, Presented by: PCB Piezotronics


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