Free PDF Download – Design and Selection Criteria of High Temperature Accelerometers for Aerospace Propulsion

UHT-12 High Temperature AccelerometerPresented by PCB Piezotronics – Accelerometers and pressure sensors for measurement in aerospace propulsion systems require special consideration during design and manufacturing processes. Specialized applications frequently require use of a single sensor model, which must be capable of operating over significantly wider temperature ranges, for example, -420 to +1300 °F (-251 to +705 °C), while providing high accuracy, stability and reliability. Typical applications for high temperature aerospace propulsion sensors include measurement on gas turbine engines both in-flight and in test cells, as well as rocket motors and thruster assemblies. The same sensor might be required to withstand radiation and be used in monitoring vibration inside a nuclear power plant or space vehicle, or the cryogenic conditions of liquid propellants. These environments present a multitude of measurement challenges.

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Free PDF Download, Presented by: PCB Piezotronics


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