First Portable Vibration Calibrator Announced

The Modal Shop, Inc., a PCB group company, has created the first portable vibration calibrator capable of simulating vibration at slow speeds. Models 9200D and 9210D provide “field confirmation of vibration protection systems and instrumentation down to 0.7 Hz or 42 CPM.”

“Featuring the lowest frequency response capability of any portable shaker table, each model offers an internal high-resolution quartz reference accelerometer providing unparalleled accuracy. A rugged carbon fiber composite armature supports the heavy sensor payloads typical of the hydro-power market,” the company noted.

The vibration calibrator is ideal for use in low-frequency measurements, field testing detection systems, protecting nuclear power plants, troubleshooting water and wind powered vibration alarms, and more. “The durable Pelican® Storm case and long battery life make it ideal for use on the plant floor. Closed-loop control allows technicians to change amplitudes and speeds easily for quick and accurate critical alarm functionality tests,” Modal Shop added.


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