Enhanced COTS Subsystem Introduced

Aitech Defense Systems Inc. has announced an enhanced COTS subsystem, the A191 RediBuilt. The A191 is a high performance embedded computer that is compact, rugged and light-weight.

“The new, fully integrated subsystem combines a multi-core CPU to efficiently process overhead functions with an advanced GPGPU that focuses on executing heavy-duty system requirements. This integrated design delivers performance of nearly an order of magnitude greater than would be accomplished with CPUs alone, using roughly the same power consumption,” according to the company.

The A191 is ideal for free-air cooling, military applications, manned or unmanned applications, and can withstand harsh environments and elements. Other features of the A191 include on-board weapons management, fire control, autonomous flight control, IR and SAR sensor fusion, moving target recognition, an Intel Core i7 processor, an embedded frame grabber, an internal SATA disk, numerous video formats, large amounts internal storage, and more. It also meets UAV classifications such as MALE, HALE, CACGS, NATO-type, tactical, hypersonic, supersonic, hypersonic and more.


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