Company Announces New Altitude Test Chamber

CSZ Testing Services announces its addition of an Altitude Environmental Test Chamber to their test lab in Ohio. This new chamber will assist in the production of safe and reliable products and will test products to see if they will continue to work properly in harsh conditions. Many industries benefit from altitude testing including military, aerospace, commercial, and automotive industries.

This chamber is 32. cu. ft.  and is “capable of simulating Altitude environments of -5,000 to +100,000 feet, temperatures of -65C to +190C and a humidity range of 10% to 95% RH. Temperature and Altitude may be combined up to 65,000 ft above site level,” according to the company.

The chamber has beneficial features such as a 12” x 12” altitude viewing window, a chart recorder, and four 3” diameter altitude ports. The chamber also includes a touch screen controller known as the EZT-570i 7, which offers features such as power recovery options, automatic alarms and remote monitoring.


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