Chamber Port Plugs Introduced for Test Chambers

Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. announces its new E-Plug™ –  a silicone foam port plug for environmental test chambers. The plugs are designed to press-fit into openings on environmental test chambers to seal against air, humidity, air entry and temperature escape, according to PRWeb.

The plugs are available in three sizes; 3″, 4″ and 6” diameter openings are available. Semi-custom shapes are also available that include reinforced silicone pull handles, sealed side edges, an ESD edge coating and internal concentric cuts.

“Standard E-Plugs™ are produced from 4” thick lightweight silicone foam with a .125″ thick closed cell silicone foam skin on one side. Silicone foam remains flexible and resilient at temperatures from -67°F to +392°F, and the materials are inherently flame retardant to address facility safety concerns,” according to the company.“Semi-Custom E-Plugs™ are fabricated quickly from pre-made 4″ thick silicone foam sheets with skin on one side.

Sizes ranging from E-Plug™2 – for 2” diameter port openings (2.25” OD actual) up to E-Plug™8 – for 8″ diameter port openings (8.25” OD actual) can typically be provided in a few days. Rectangular E-Plugs™ to fit a variety of rectangular and square openings can be provided quickly as well,” the company reported.

“The E-Plugs™ Chamber Port Plugs product line leverages our core competence in silicone fabrication and provides a great value to electronic, IC and laboratory test technicians who need high performance and reliability from their environmental test chambers, ” Bill Stockwell, Stockwell Elastomerics’ president, added.


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