British University Group Adds LDS Shaker to its Research

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) from the University of Warwick in the UK has purchased Brüel & Kjær’s LDS V8 combo shaker to improve its government-funded research.

“The V8 combo vibration test system forms part of the WMG High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult centre, based at the University of Warwick. HVM Catapult is a government-funded programme, which encompasses research across a number of different themes – WMG’s theme of ‘low-carbon mobility’ has a specific focus on energy storage and weight reduction. As part of this programme, WMG is testing the robustness and lifespan of rechargeable battery systems, within its Energy Innovation Centre.”

The V8 system allows WMG to carry out vibration tests on large lithium-ion battery systems as they charge and discharge. The V8 vibration test system is ideal for automotive, packaging, satellites, spacecraft and many other applications.

In the future, WMG plans to conduct temperature testing and simultaneous vibration testing by adding a thermal capability to the shaker system.



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