Avionics Company Stresses Product Safety by Environmental Testing

(October 17, 2016) When designing a new product, Astronautics Corp. of America spends half their costs on verifying if it will work, and claims that in the long run this saves them money.

The company, which “designs and builds avionics systems for aircraft in the civilian, defense and space industries” tests electrical components at “each step as they move through the manufacturing process,” as reported by BizTimes, “Each device undergoes several hours of testing during the assembly process, plus a 40-hour environmental test that vibrates it and takes it through a temperature range of -50 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.”

“The earlier you detect (a problem), the better it is,” said Karen Schlomann, Astronautics’ director of process and development control.

“The design process has to emphasize not only coming up with new ideas, but also verifying that the product requirements are met”, the company agreed.

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