Anti-Static Sheets Ideal for Dust-free Environments

Engineered Sheet Products (ESP), a division of RTP company, introduces a clear anti-static sheet for electronics known as the PermaStat sheet. The thermoplastic sheet has anti-static properties and protects electronics against dust and ESD. It offers a surface resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohms/square.

ESP also announced the PermaStat Plus, which is ideal for situations when higher conductivity and lower surface resistance are required, according to the company.

“PermaStat sheets offer significant benefits over surfactant anti-static coatings. Because they are made from thermoplastic compounds, the anti-static properties are inherent throughout the sheet. The sheet maintains ESD protection, even with scratches, wear, machining, or forming. PermaStat sheets also function well in low humidity – unlike migratory anti-static agents, which can be removed through product movement, cleaning agents, or evaporation,” Tom Gavinski, sales engineer for ESP, said.

These new sheets are also free of carbon-based additives and corrosive agents. The PermaStat and PermaStat Plus sheets can also be customized with flame retardant properties, wear additives and structural reinforcements. The sheets comply with MIL-PRF-81705D and can be made from compounds that comply with UL94 V-O flame ratings, ESP noted.


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