About Environmental Test & Design


Launched in 2009, Environmental Test & Design specializes in the relationship between electronic systems and devices and their environments.

At Environmental Test & Design, you will gain new understanding into three increasingly important areas within the design, testing, qualification, and conformity assessment of electronic devices; namely,


  • The impact of the environment upon electronic products and how they are designed to withstand these influences; and, conversely, the impact of electronic products upon their environments.
  • The qualification and analysis of electronic products from a lifecycle perspective and the use of HALT, HASS, and ESS testing and screening methods.
  • The ecological impact of electronic products upon the global environment, including “green” or sustainable topics.


About the Company


ITEM Media publishes a portfolio of digital and print magazines within the electronics industry. Our titles are available in a variety of electronic and printed media formats—everything from digital magazines, e-newsletters, social media feeds, forums, content marketing tools, and of course printed magazines.




Interference Technology
Electronics Cooling
Environmental Test & Design (ETD)




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