3D Printing Materials That Can Withstand Extreme Space Temperatures

Recently, Stratasys Advanced Materials developed a thermoplastic material called ESD PEKK to address the extreme temperatures of space without risking electrostatic discharge to spacecraft equipment.

According to 3DPrintingProgress.com, “ESD PEKK’s material properties combine the unique advantage of ABS-ESD7’s electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties , ULTEMTM 9085’s superior strength and thermal properties, and the chemical resistance of the PEKK base resin to offer a material that yields faster delivery of multi-functional production parts and tooling.”

“ESD PEKK’s conductive filler is designed to eliminate the time and expense of additional post-processing steps and allows the part to be used right out of the printer,” reports 3DPrintingProgress.com, “Additionally, its superior tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures offers stability for production parts operating in extreme environments. “

3DPrintingProgress.com adds that “Stratasys has generated a wide range of test data to support its adoption by customers with demanding requirements [and] has also proven initial use cases to meet specific customer requirements, both on the ground and in space.”

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